What is Tamatebako

Tamatebako is a members-only business community that connects people of all ages.
We aim to create global businesses that transcend age, country, and cultural boundaries.

Benefits for supporters

offline event

Starting with Mr. Okura, who is an Important Intangible Cultural Property, we will be preferentially inviting you to events with pioneers you never get to meet.

Benefits for supporters

business salon

We will provide an online community space where not only pioneers but also human resources in various fields can interact.

Benefits for supporters

Regular roundtable discussion

Every month, we invite special guests, including pioneers, to participate in member-only round-table discussions to deepen exchanges.

  • Masanosuke Ohkura

    Important Intangible Cultural Property Comprehensive Designated Holder Noh actor Hayashikata Okura-ryu Otsuzumi. Since 1979, as part of activities on the traditional Noh stage and activities to popularize Noh, we have developed hands-on classes centered on hand drums and Noh musical accompaniment at educational institutions. He has also devised solo otsuzumi and rencho styles, performing solo otsuzumi and rencho at the ceremonies of each country and at the opening ceremonies of tournaments.

  • Ikuro Takano

    After working as chairman of Group Am Worldwide, grand designer and editor-in-chief of Bijutsu Publishing Co., Ltd., he became a freelancer. Based on the world of editing and art, he handles design and concept work from product development, business development, environment development to public relations strategy and management strategy consulting.

  • Satoshi Yanase

    Representative of IK design management. Contributed to the stock listing of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Noevir Group, and Japan's first parking lot management pioneer Parking Research Institute Co., Ltd. After that, he was transferred to Mitsubishi Jisho Parks Co., Ltd. and became the representative of IK Design Management. Currently, he is working hard to develop the company while serving as the chairman of many cross-industrial exchange meetings.

  • Katsuhisa Sato

    Roppongi Hills, Ark Hills JR Gifu Station, underpasses, complex commercial facilities, etc., and are currently in progress, including proposals for new cities in the future.

  • Hideo Ishigami

    Representative of Perfectly Co., Ltd. Involved in the production and branding of a number of apparel in Japan, including industry-academia collaborative projects, comprehensive production of MPT, the largest amusement facility in Shibuya, Tokyo, and consulting for companies. In October 2022, we launched the Tamatebako Organization with volunteers aiming to be a bridge to the future with the slogan “Gift for the future”.

  • Nobuaki Kawano

    Representative of a trading company specializing in niche business. In various fields such as D2C of apparel for pets, community design of coworking space, and debut support for middle-aged and elderly multi-workers. He has a long experience as a venture company, and is an on-off neutral person who is passionate about trial and error in order to utilize his know-how online. The talk delivered from the knowledge backed up by overwhelming empirical value is conspicuous.