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Tamatebako Japan works on inheriting and developing traditional Japanese culture.
The tradition of Japan boasting the highest technology and materials,
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sotatsu art craft

Sotatsu Art Craft is a company that thinks about the richness of the heart.

An era called mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal...
Use what you really like for a long time.
What is such "richness of mind"? Nationally designated traditional craft "Tokyo silverware"
Sotatsu Kamikawa, a traditional craftsman, said, "A gem that shines in your daily life."
I suggest you.

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Tommy Lee BAG

I like T-shirts and jeans. I also like stress-free silhouettes.

With a sense of fun, he freely enjoys fashion regardless of age. To such fashionable and rich women. As a fashion designer, I have been making clothes supported by excellent Japanese textiles. I created the Tommy Lee BAG with the intention of making up all kinds of fabrics, including Japanese fabrics that I love, and fabrics made by world-renowned Japanese craftsmen, both large and small. I would like people overseas to see the beautiful bags that have added value in collaboration with wonderful modern Japanese fabrics and traditional beauty [KIMONO] fabrics.

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Nippon Kimono Fabrics

A kimono fabric that orders kimono patterns. Tailor Enshu cotton thin jacket.

A collaboration between traditional crafts from the Edo period and the imperial purveyor factory.
Wear world-class tailoring.
Enshu cotton pongee originates from Orihime, who is enshrined at Hatsougoromo Shrine in Mikkabi, Hamamatsu City. This Koromo Shrine has been weaving silk since the end of the Heian period, about 850 years ago, and has been weaving a silk fabric called Goi as the clothes dedicated to the gods that are dedicated to the Imperial Shrine in Ise every year. The NIPPON KIMONO FABRICS logo uses the torii of Koromo Shrine as a brand mark.

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